Yeah you were made to feel inferior about being a dreamer.
I know they criticised you for having your head in the clouds and that constant positive energy.
For the way you walked, the way you talked. For being too tall or not being tall enough.

They only pointed at what made you peculiar and tagged it as a flaw making you feel imperfect in your very own eyes and mind.
For doodling in your books, they looked down on you and pushed you around with their words.

You walked and bathed in the sunshine of your dreams unperturbed by reality. You believed anything was possible and you had the ability to do anything you set your heart and mind on.
According to them, you were a misfit,”you needed to take life your life seriously or you would have no future”

After their continuous shower of abusive words you finally believed them and took their advice.
Probably because you wanted to finally fit in and belong.
Then the light in your eyes died and your dreams washed away like they were coffee stains that ruined your canvas.
You also curbed your positive energy to fit their mood swings and all, losing yourself and identity in the process.

Well I’m here to tell you they had no right to control your life with such negative words. Their words have no weight if only you don’t accept them.
What you needed was to be allowed to express yourself in the best way you could so you could learn and better yourself along the way.You can still do that today. Release your potential, release your creative ability. Let your imagination fly. What makes you different is what makes you You.

So I’m practically tearing up as I wrote this one. It meant a lot to me to share. I believe words shape who we become. It matters what or who you are listening to.

With so much love


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